Basic to intermediate topics -- learning to pick the right way. Right-hand technique – positioning, “roll” patterns and exercises. Left-hand technique for banjo – slides, slurs, hammer-ons and pull-offs, all of which give the 5-string banjo its distinctive sound.


Composition on Guitar in Alt Tunings

The music being composed and arranged in open tunings is simply spectacular and deserves our attention and great consideration. This course will begin to demystify open tunings for you and open the door into this exciting compositional landscape.


Beginning Fiddle

This class is for those who can play a few tunes slowly, we will learn a few rhythmic and bowing licks to take some common tunes beyond “beginner” versions. This class will start in standard GDAE tuning and also incorporate some cross-tuned repertoire. Tunes will be taught by ear.


Intermediate Fiddle

This is a class for intermediate fiddlers who already know a few tunes and would like to learn how to improve them, play with ease and join the jams. Bowing tips and left-hand ornaments will be explored. Depending on the interests of class we may discuss other techniques and “fiddle-osophy.” Bring a recorder. We will learn tunes slowly by ear and have fun!


Beginning/Intermediate Fingerstyle

Students will explore and discover various finger-style patterns in a variety of styles as well as learn basic applications to single note and chordal application.


Advanced Fingerstyle (Tap Fingerstyle)

This course is a deviation from the standard tuning, standard fingerstyle method. By using open tunings, tapping, harmonics and percussion, you will be able to approach the guitar almost as a new instrument.



This class will be geared toward beginner and intermediate flatpickers. We will work on establishing proper techniques needed for this type of music in order to play clean and sometimes fast. Sometimes REAL fast but with proper technique and guidance, everyone can play faster and cleaner, with deeper tone and a better understanding of traditional guitar playing, We will work on right and left hand skills, new chords, crosspicking (What's that?? You'll find out), many new tunes and much more. A program that progresses each day built on the prior day's class.


Advanced Flatpicking

This class is for the student that has been flatpicking a while, not just playing guitar- but flatpicking. We will focus on proper right hand and left hand techniques and drills, understanding and playing up the fingerboard, new songs, new chords, A program that progresses each day built on the prior day's class.

Guitar Building


Beginner/Intermediate Mandolin

We'll take a look at right and left hand technique, learn a tune or two, learn how to play rhythm using open-string chords as well as how to make a good sounding chop with a Monroe-style closed-fingering chord, we'll learn the basics of music theory - just enough to help us see a few patterns on the fretboard that will help us learn melodies quickly by ear, be ready to play in a variety of keys and start improvising in no time!


Advanced Mandolin

We do our best to cover a lot including - right and left-hand technique, a couple of rhythmic feels that come up regularly in bluegrass music played both on single strings and two-strings at a time, arpeggios in first position and up the neck and how to start using them in improvisation, using chord inversions in rhythm back-up, using double stops in solos. And there's a whole lot more if time allows.



This class will be a "learn while we do it" experience, discussing each aspect of making better songs as they develop, as opposed to using the lecture/classroom model. We'll explore some different techniques to get a song started, discuss ways to dig a little deeper to find lyric that is more resonant and uniquely your own, and run through a checklist of great tools that can be applied to any song to pull it out of mediocrity into something really delightful. We'll also cover some of the business basics.


Advanced Songwriting

This is for campers who have been to at least one Songwriting class in a previous camp year and are ready to take their abilities to the next level.



The ukulele is more popular than ever and is a great instrument for musicians of all levels. Learn to play in a supportive and fun group environment as you explore chords, scales, strumming, repertoire, and all-around musicianship.



Learn how and why to warm up your voice, proper breathing technique, secrets to counting, rhythm, phrasing, and combatting stage fright. Singing should be fun, not scary, so come discover and explore your voice in a safe, playful space.

Major Classes

Minor Classes

Backup, Texas, and Swing

Backup, Old Time

Barre Ukulele

Fight Fright (as in Stage)

Get Loopy (with effect)

Improvisation for Strings

Intro to Songwriting

Intro to Clawhammer Banjo

Intro to Mandolin

Guitar Maintenance and Repair

Music Theory

Performance (Putting it all Together)

Rhythm for Strings

U R the Missing Link (Too Many Guitars?)