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Being away from everyday cares and responsibilities allows for intense focus on music; therefore, many students make major technical and conceptual strides
during the week. Learning becomes much easier around people who have similar goals and who want you to succeed.

Acoustic Alaska Guitar Camp

August 24 through August 30, 2014
Wasilla, AK

Let the Moose be Your Muse!

"I came to AAGC for the instruction. I came back for the people,
scenery, friendship and sense of shared progress. Joe consistently
has top-notch instructors. If the idea of immersing yourself for a week in music and nature appeals, AAGC is the must-do guitar camp."
- Andy from Eagle River, AK
Class of 2006-2011

"Acoustic Alaska is a wonderful get away to nurture my musical self. I can either concentrate fully on daily courses and after-hours instruction from any of the amazing teachers, or simply have fun jamming with new friends, take a hike around the lake or a coveted afternoon nap. One of the best 30 minutes of my life was sitting at the campfire on a comfortable Alaska evening in an audience of about half a dozen people as Lawrence Juber and Russ Barenberg jammed together. I was more entertained and fulfilled that evening than I ever remember being at a big concert in the city."
-Nina from Golden, CO
Class of 2007 - 2013

"What a diverse bunch of really super people!"
- John from Kent, England
Class of 2003

"Really liked the songwriting session."
- Ken from Seattle, WA
Class of 2004